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The weekend of September 24-25 we will be having a Global Outreach Conference.  Our overseas workers from SE Asia will be here in person to tell us about their work there.  Save the date!

Global Outreach Conference Schedule

Saturday, September 24th - 8:00 AM
Men's Breakfast with Tim - Please RSVP
  • Tim's comments
  • Ask questions
  • Pray for Tim and the B people
Saturday, September 24th - 2:00 PM
Ladies' English Tea with Kathy - Please RSVP
  • Kathy's testimony
  • What does your ministry look like as a wife and mother?
  • Pray for Kathy and the B people
Sunday, September 25th - 11:00 AM
Sunday Worship Service 
  • Tim and Kathy share what they want to
  • Challenge from Wes
Sunday, September 25th - 12:30 PM 
Lunch for All in Victory Hall
Global Outreach Events
Which Event Will You Be Attending?

Thank You! See You There!

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